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[SUPER HOT SHARE] Simpler Trading – Quarterly Profits Formula ELITE Download

Simpler Trading – Quarterly Profits Formula ELITE Download

Simpler Trading – Quarterly Profits Formula ELITE Download
Simpler Trading – Quarterly Profits Formula ELITE Download

Discover stocks in the “Hot Zone” each quarter

Find out why this is one of Danielle’s most profitable strategies

With most strategies, traders are at the mercy of the markets, watching and waiting for their favorite patterns to appear.

However, earnings season repeats around four times a year and covers 10 weeks out of a quarter. This makes it a predictable time to identify opportunities.

Using her time-tested formula, Danielle nails quarterly gains, no matter what goes on in the overall markets.

Why is earnings season so predictable for Danielle’s formula?

While we may not have any idea of when a major world event will occur or when the market will rally or pullback – that’s not the case with Earnings season because it repeats without fail four times a year.

This is the system that let Danielle become a full time options trader ten years ago. Today she’s the Vice President of Options at Simpler, but back then she was a struggling single mom with a dream. Being her most lucrative time to trade every year, this is just one of the reasons why it’s one of her favorite strategies.

Because so many traders in our community wanted to learn how Danielle generates consistent gains each quarter, she decided to teach the complete strategy (including how she identifies “Hot Zones”).

In this step-by-step training you’ll discover:

  • Case Study: Danielle’s 75% winner in John Deere (that continuously repeats itself)

  • The secret to Danielle’s most lucrative time to trade

  • How Danielle exploits 3 Earnings patterns every quarter

  • 5 key numbers to know if you’re going to trade Earnings season

  • Each Earning’s quarterly patterns that repeat themselves again, and again (and how to trade them)

  • Case Study: Danielle’s 110% winner in PLTR

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